Excursions nearby Meiringen

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Aare Gorge
Take a walk through the Aare Gorge and you will feel the force of nature like nowhere else! Below you, the ice-cold glacier water of the Aare river forces its way relentlessly through the narrow gorge. Above you the sheer cliff faces rise up toward the sky. A mystical experience!

Sherlock Holmes Trail
Traces of Sherlock Holmes can be found all over Meiringen. The new Sherlock Holmes trail in the centre of Meiringen will tell you everything you need to know about the master detective. You'll find valuable old artefacts and exciting background information in the nearby Sherlock Holmes Museum.
Gorge Challenge
The Alpbach Gorge is no place for the fainthearted! The breathtaking climb along cliff walls and above the splashing river between Meiringen and Hasliberg is really something – parts of the climb have fixed ropes without railings. To walk through the gorge you should be sure-footed and not scared of heights. It is also recommended to take climbing equipment along. Adrenalin kick guaranteed!
Boutique museums
The Hasli Landscape Museum collects objects of cultural heritage from the valleys of the Oberhasli and documents customs and traditions of days gone by. The Oberhasli Natural Museum exhibits 150 impressive specimens of indigenous animals. Learn more about the nature and culture of your holiday destination
Back to Past
The excavations under the Michaels Church in Meiringen, which has been completely buried by rubble a number of times, is a cultural and historical highlight. During renovations in 1915/16, the ruins of three previous churches, roughly five metres below the level of the present church were found. Take part in an interesting guided tour and find out the important historical meaning of this church.