Scale World Championship

Radio-controlled airplanes, built to exact scale after manned originals, are one of most fascinating disciplines in aeromodelling. Wherever these technically sophisticated model airplanes take to the air, attention is guaranteed. Watching the model airplanes fly demanding maneuverers is a special treat for the old and young -- not only for aviation buffs!
From July 5 through July 14, 2018, the best pilots and builders of scale airplanes from all over the world will meet at Meiringen Air Base, Switzerland.

Presenting and flying their scale models, they compete at the highest competition held every two years, the Scale World Championship.
Built to exact scale, down to every rivet and screw, the model airplanes flown in Meiringen are hard to distinguish from their originals. 
Get a taste of the world of scale aeromodelling.
Make a visit to Meiringen, and you will experience aeromodelling perfection in the breathtaking Alpine scenery of the Haslital!