Flight Judging

A demanding combination of maneuvers

For judging the pilots' flying skills, several flights are made. Depending on the overall number of rounds, the worst result will be excluded from the calculation of the overall points. Each flight must be completed within 12 minutes. With multi-engine aircraft another minute is added for each additional engine. Models of non-aerobatic aircraft (e.g. slow airliners or bombers) get three additional minutes.

The pattern to be flown always includes take-off and landing. In addition the pilot chooses eight manoeuvre from a special catalog. When grading each flight, the judges not only check for the precision of each figure, but also for the correspondence of the overall flying style with that of the full-scale prototype.

Flying with style!

Because of the required scale-like impression, the flying of scale jets during the competition significantly differs from the usual model airplane aerobatics. The flying must in fact correspond to the flights at full-scale airplanes.

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